Upcoming Events

The Southwestern Union invites you to come to the ACS Convention “Brighten Their Corner” and gain encouragement and ideas for church leaders to develop community outreach ministries.  You’ll learn how to build a community garden or start a food pantry. You’ll gain so many new ideas on how to engage the youth, young adults, and the older generation. You will hear amazing stories of how God has blessed so many across our Union.

Presenters from the North American Division, Michigan Conference, and our Union. Our main speaker/presenter will be Mansfield Edwards, President of the Ontario Conference. Each day will be blessed by one of our conference presidents. Jefferson Christian Academy will be giving us a concert and we will have a banquet of appreciation. The last day to register will be February 9, and no on-site registration will be allowed. Your registration fee will cover your food and lodging if staying in a cabin at Lone Star Camp. If you choose to stay elsewhere and eat elsewhere, we are unable to reimburse you for those costs.

There are some important things you should know about the accommodations! We’ll be enjoying a camp-style event, so you will need to bring bedding, personal/hygiene items, and comfortable and warm clothes. This training is for adults and teens over 14 only, and no children under 14, including infants, will be allowed.

Main Speaker/Presenter:

Mansfield Edwards – Ontario Conference President

Other Speakers/Presenters:

Geraldo Alonso – Homeless Ministries Workshop Presenter

Chad Bernard – Michigan Conference Youth Ministries Director

Michael Brown – North American Division Director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions

Carlton P. Byrd – Southwest Region Conference President

Lee-Roy Chacon – Texico Conference President

Elton DeMoraes – Texas Conference President

Richard C. Dye SR. – Arkansas Louisiana Conference President

Scott & Julie Griswold – Reach the World Next Door Director

Derrick Lea – North American Division ACS Executive Director 

Apple Park – Oklahoma Conference Executive Secretary, ACS Centers Workshop Presenter

James Shires – Oklahoma Conference President

Maurice Theriot – Theriot Farms Founder & Director, Community Gardens Workshop Presenter

Dates for Texas ACS Trainings 2023

Jan 29 – Donations Management (8hrs) – Dallas/Ft Worth/Keene

Feb 5 – Donations Management (8hrs) – Central 

March 26 - Donations Management (8hrs) – Houston

April 2 - Donations Management (8hrs) – East Texas

April 30 - Donations Management (8hrs) – Valley

June 3 – Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – Houston

June 17 – Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – Valley

June 24 - Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – East Texas

July 1 - Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – Central Texas

July 8 - Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – Keene/Ft Worth

July 9 - Basic ACS/DR Training (3hrs) – Dallas

To request a community services training at your location, please e-mail CommunityServices@swuc.org.