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Equipped for Ministries: A Training Day for Ministry Leaders and Teams

February 8, 3:30 p.m.

North Dallas Adventist Academy

2800 Custer Pkwy., Richardson, TX 75080

English | Spanish

Training Sessions include: Adventist Screening VerificationChildren’s Ministries | Church Security | Community Services | Deacon and Deaconess MinistriesElders’ Training | Family Ministries | Men’s Ministries | Mental Health Ministries | Personal Ministries | Prayer Ministries | Reclaiming and Retention | Sabbath School Ministries | Small Group Ministries | StewardshipTreasury | Women’s Ministries | Youth MinistriesYoung Adult Ministries

Plenary Session:

Church Security – “Safeguarding Our Sanctuaries”

Presented by: Roderic Bishop, Ph.D., Pastor, Texas Conference; Chief Anthony Williams, Consultant

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 22:3. This plenary session will focus on church security, focusing on the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mission as it relates to safety and security. Areas of focus:

  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Prevention, Preparation and Mitigation
  • Preparation
  • Response
  • Recovery


Adventist Screening Verification

Presented by: John Page, Treasurer, Southwestern Union

Learn about the role of volunteer training and background checks in the protection of children under our protection.

Children’s Ministries – “Keeping Children Safe”

Presented by: Alexis Rivera, Director, Children’s Ministries, Texas Conference

  • Adventist Screening Verification
  • Child Protection Plan in the Church
  • Youth Supervision Guidelines

Community Services – “Are You Prepared?”

Presented by: Marshal Gonzales, Adventist Community Services Coordinator, Southwestern Union; Adventist Community Services Director, Texas Conference

It’s not a matter of if a disaster will strike, but when. The question is, “Are you prepared?” Adventist Community Services will be presenting a session on “Intro to Disaster Preparedness.” We will teach 1. How to help yourself be ready, 2. How to help your family be ready, and 3. How to help your church be ready.

Deacon and Deaconess Ministries – “What does it mean to be a Deacon or Deaconess?”

Presented by: Amilcar Canó

  • Characteristics and Responsibilities of Deacons and Deaconesses
  • Copper Theft Prevention
  • Maintenance
  • Kitchen and Baptistry
  • Security
  • Fire Drills
  • Children’s Security
  • Safety Sabbath

Elders’ Ministries – “Preach the Word!”

Presented by: Bill Kilgore, D.Min., Religion Professor, retired

Every Bible text has a context. It was written to someone about sometime. This seminar will help provide tools in order to hear what the text meant to the original audience and what it means (application) to us today. Paul wrote to Timothy ‘Preach the Word. . .’ 2 Tim. 4:2. That admonition still challenges us today!

Family Ministries – “Healthy Families, Healthy Churches”

Presented by: Buford Griffith, Family Ministries Director, Executive Secretary, Southwestern Union

Family ministries is relevant to every church. A healthy family structure is vital to the church and society.  This seminar will focus on practical ways of giving the family a God-focus that will benefit both the local church and the community it serves.

Men’s Ministries – “Building Real Men for God”

Presented by: W. S. Lee, Family Ministries Director, Southwest Region Conference

Building Real Men for God is a presentation providing insights of Men’s Ministries as a transformative ministry, inviting men into covenant relationship with God. This relationship will empower every area of a man’s life and redefine man as one in God’s image.

Mental Health Ministries – “Mental Health First Responders” 

Presented by: Fenades Obinchu, D.Min

Talking about mental health is important to spiritual maturity as well as the success of ministries leaders. Ministries leaders can be trained to be “first responders” to mental health crisis. In this session we will discuss how can you respond to these mental health issues without being a professional; Creating an inclusive and welcoming congregations for people with mental illness ; How to start a mental health program in your church or work place; How to become a mental health first responder,

Personal Ministries – “Growing the Church Through Small Group Ministries”

Presented by: Eduardo Canales, Vice President for Evangelism, Multicultural Ministries and Personal Ministries Director, Southwestern Union

In this seminar you will learn the basic principles of how to conduct a successful small group program in your home.

Prayer Ministries – “Power in Prayer”

Presented by: Helvis C. Moody, Prayer Ministries Director, Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director, Southwestern Union

You are invited to explore the power of prayer and praise. How powerful would it be if all of our churches had a prayer ministry? Learn how at this informative seminar.

Reclaiming and Retention – “The Who, Why, and What of Evangelism”

Presented by: Gordon Jones, Pastor, Southwest Region Conference

Retaining church members in the current climate may not be a luxury but an absolute necessity.  To succeed at this, church leaders cannot be content with just knowing the number of people who are baptized or came to Christ each year. Church leaders need to recognize, address and respond to the: Who, Why, and What of Evangelism.

Sabbath School Ministries – “The Sabbath School Shepherd”

Presented by: Charles Sanders, Sabbath School Director, Southwest Region Conference

  • The Sabbath School Shepherd
  • Sabbath School During the Week

Small Group Ministries – “Small Group Success!”

Presented by: Mark Lien, Pastor, Crosswalk Fellowship

Would you like to have a healthier relationship with God, gain victory over bad habits and help others do the same?  Then this seminar on small group Bible studies is the place for you!  It’s equipped hundreds of people with practical tools to understand the secret to small group success and apply it in your community.

Stewardship – “Principles of Stewardship”

Presented by: Oswaldo Hernandez, Stewardship Director, Southwest Region Conference

Treasury – “The Role of the Treasurer”

Presented by: John Page, Treasurer, Southwestern Union

Are you a church treasurer? Learn about the role of the local church treasurer in this seminar, as well as how tithe and offerings are used.

Women’s Ministries – “Why Women’s Ministries?”

Presented by: Carmen M. Fuentes-Griffith, Women’s Ministries Director, Southwestern Union

Women are specifically designed by God to meet the needs of other women.  It is the best way to connect both the churched and the unchurched women in the community and introduce them to Jesus Christ.  How do we accomplish this?  What resources are available to women that can aid in the nurturing, empowering, and outreaching of women.  We will come together and discover the answers to these questions.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries – “Creative Ministries in 2020”

Presented by: Helvis C. Moody, Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director, Prayer Ministries Director, Southwestern Union

It’s 2020! A new year and a new decade! It’s time to explore new and creative ways to get involved with Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Young Adult Ministries – “Growing Together”

Presented by: Justin Yang, Young Adult Ministries Director, Texas Conference

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