A Vision of Collaboration

BURLESON, TEX. – It is a joy to be a part of the Southwestern Union family! As I look to the future, I am grateful for Southwestern Union President Carlos Craig’s vision for the union. We’ve been challenged to grow the kingdom of God in our territory. To that end, I am excited, as the vice president for ministries and ministerial director, to assist all of our conferences in three main areas that I have always believed are important.

First—bring people in! The Great Commission compels us to grow and expand the kingdom of God. In the short time I have been in the Union, I have been so impressed with our leadership's emphasis on evangelism. Our churches are engaged in evangelistic series all throughout the Union. Our schools are evangelizing every day as our teachers prepare our children for service in this world and the world to come. As the ministerial director, I am committed to giving my full support to all entities to grow God’s kingdom.

Second—keep people in. As a Union family, we must do everything we can to keep our church family committed, connected and involved. As a former young adult director, it saddens me to see the proverbial “back door” of the Church wide open. Our churches must be safe havens for all who want to follow Jesus. We must continue to be intentional about the environments we want to create, foster and maintain as we wait for Jesus’ soon return. If we baptize 100 souls, praise the Lord! When Jesus comes, I want those 100 souls to still be in love with Jesus and excited about their church community. I am committed to helping all our churches, wherever they are on the journey, to be the churches Jesus has called them to be.

Third—keep people active and healthy. We often refer to the “Four Ts”: time, talents, treasures and temple. There is wisdom in being intentional about developing and maintaining these areas. Training events, seminars and conventions, using the incredible talent, knowledge and experience that we have all throughout the Southwestern Union, will allow us to equip our community of believers to serve and serve well.

I’m excited to be a part of this incredible team. Together we can win the Southwestern Union territory for Jesus!

By Tony Anobile, Vice President for Church Ministries