Growing the Kingdom: El Paso

Growing the Kingdom

Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14, NKJV) That’s our responsibility, to preach the gospel of the kingdom. And what is that? It’s sharing the Good News that the kingdom is for everyone! The reality of a crucified, risen and soon coming Savior who died to save all. Elder Carlos Craig, along with Conference and University Presidents, and voted by the Union Executive Committee, have outlined eight strategic initiatives that allows for our five Conferences, and our University, to work together to grow the Kingdom throughout the Union territory. 

The Vice Presidents of the Southwestern Union Conference have gotten together to plan this exciting initiative, “Growing the Kingdom” to equip the Union family. Why? So we can do our part to fulfill the commission and see Jesus face to face. Bi-annual events will be held throughout the Union territory for all church ministries leaders, to train, equip, and empower leaders to work together for the growth of their individual spiritual lives and the growth of our congregations and the kingdom of God.


  1. Network with the pastors about the best way to involve all church leaders.
  2. Invite all church leaders to participate in an intentional discipleship and church growth program.
  3. Create a database of all church and ministry leaders that facilitates and speeds up communication and the exchange of resources and tools to allow for maximum results.
  4. Plan and schedule the rallies with the administrators and directors of each Conference, to be carried out by cities and areas, which allows for the largest number of leaders to participate. 

Join us on this incredible journey as we together, Grow the Kingdom!

El Paso Program:

Sept. 9 | Friday night: General Session, all together. (Bilingual session)

Sept. 10 | Saturday morning: Speakers will visit different churches in the area.

Sept. 10 | Saturday afternoon: General Sessions and Seminars (Spanish and English)