Background Screening for Employees and Volunteers

Children’s Safety… our priority.

“Through training for adults and children, as well as background screening for employees and volunteers who work closely with minors, Adventist Risk Management’s Child Protection Plan equips local leaders to make the church a safe place, says ARM Vice President and Chief Risk Management Officer Arthur Blinci.

“It’s part of our mission to help protect the ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” says Blinci, citing Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Pathfinders and Adventurers as a “core component” of that mission. “Faith-based communities have a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to protect children from harm when they’re in our care,” he says.

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“Verified Volunteers offers background checks of the highest quality and accuracy. We use proprietary technology and a set of unique criminal locators to find more criminal records at America’s county and state courthouses and to deliver the most accurate information available about your volunteers.

We are expanding the breadth and depth of the background checks that have typically been offered to volunteer programs. Our screening process goes far beyond the stale, instant database background checks and incomplete searches of other providers. And, with our optional identity validation product, we are closing gaps that exist in even extremely robust volunteer screening programs.”


“The process of recruiting, screening, and training staff is fast becoming a critical area of safety. I expect that those who serve in children’s ministry must be Christians who are growing in their relationship with Jesus. Beyond the spiritual maturity of these people, though, the church is also required to do all it can to run background checks and protect the children from abusive adults. The church may be accused of being negligent if no policies exist for the screening and training of people who work with children.”


Why Verified Volunteers?

After one year of researching and vetting, Verified Volunteer surfaced to the top as being the best fit for our Church organization.

Will the training element still be included in the background check process?

Yes! Not only are we having the training portion of it, but we will be able to customize it as a denomination should we feel that other elements need to be included.

Will the training and process be offered in Spanish?

Yes, and it will also be offered in French and Portuguese.

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