Staff Directory

Directors and Teams

Kristi Amparan
Registrar/Administrative Secretary

Tim Arkusinski
Maintenance Director

Marcella Bayless

Carol Campbell
Vice President for Education

Eddie Canales
Vice President for Evangelism,
Multicultural Ministries and Personal Ministries Director

Sonia Canó
Children’s Ministries and Sabbath School Director

Marline Del Valle
Administrative Assistant,

Elton DeMoraes
Vice president for Ministries,
Men’s Ministries, Ministerial, and Stewardship Director

Robert Dyke
ITS Associate Director

Brad Ecord

Suzanna Facundo
Administrative Secretary,
Office of the President

Mike Furr
Director of Secondary Education

Neyra Greenidge
Administrative Assistant,

Buford Griffith II
Executive Secretary,
Family Ministries and Religious Liberty Director

Carmen Griffith
Women’s Ministries Director

Vivian Johnson
Associate Treasurer

Bo Just
Undertreasurer, Trust Services Director

Helvis Moody
Prayer Ministries Director, Young Adult/Youth Ministries Director

Larry Moore

John Page

Kristina Pascual
Communication Associate Director, Managing Editor for The Record

Azriel Posthumus
Administrative Secretary,
Church Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Ministerial, Prayer Ministries, Stewardship, and Young Adult/Youth Ministries

Tammy G. Prieto
Administrative Secretary,
Multicultural Ministries and Communication

Nathan Seery
ITS Associate Director

Michael Upson
ITS Director

Marilyn Wallace